LAMDA Examinations at Musicians Ltd

Musicians Ltd offers LAMDA examination training to prepare students for LAMDA examinations leading to LAMDA certifications. Lessons are one on one with no age restrictions.

What is LAMDA?

LAMDA is an acronym for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art which is one of the oldest drama schools in the world. LAMDA has trained many established actors including Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Wilson, Joseph Quinn, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sam Claflin.

What is involved in a LAMDA Exam?

The LAMDA Exam is the performance and communication equivalent of a music exam. There are 8 Grades with each one being marked as a Pass, Merit or Distinction. The exams use performance to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice. LAMDA Exams are designed for young people to help them improve and develop their self-confidence, vocal and physical skills as well as their creativity.
LAMDA Exams are not exclusively for young people who want to pursue acting as a career. The skills LAMDA teaches are applicable in any walk of life. They’ve even been known to help young people to stand out in school and university interviews!
LAMDA exams are a fantastic way to explore the creative arts, develop communication skills and to gain some tangible qualifications that will help with your university applications.

At Musicians Ltd, we offer the following exams for Remote Online Assessments:


In a performance exam you focus on how to create characters and present drama. You will need to demonstrate you’ve considered subtext, objectives and how to use your voice and body to create a believable performance.


These exams are less about performance and more about speaking confidently and using your voice and body to translate the meaning and mood of the written word. In a Speaking in Public exam, for example, you learn to write and deliver short speeches on subjects of your own choosing!
Exams can be taken at any of the following levels:

Why Take a LAMDA Exam?

LAMDA exams are designed to develop your life skills, such as clear communication, self-confidence, and teamwork, through the creative platforms of drama, literature and music.

Through the grades, LAMDA offers an ongoing measurement of speech & drama progress which benchmarks every stage of a student’s development. They support a steady improvement in self-confidence, vocal and physical technique. The exams are created to suit abilities of children of all ages, from a young child reciting a short poem from memory, to a teenager delivering a powerful Shakespearean monologue.

All ages and abilities should be celebrated and recognised with national recognised qualifications. LAMDA exams are strictly accredited and monitored by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation UK (OfQual) and all students are examined by a LAMDA examiner.

Who Should consider a LAMDA qualification?

What is the format of a LAMDA Exam?

A LAMDA exam will last between 10 minutes (for a lower grade) and 30 minutes (for the highest grades). The exam has two parts:
Firstly, the student performs chosen pieces to the examiner.
Secondly, the examiner has a discussion with the student.
The number and type of pieces that are performed and the nature of the discussion depends on the level and grade being examined.

How is a LAMDA Exam Marked?

The maximum mark for an exam is 100. This is divided into three sections:

The Interpretation mark reflects the student’s imaginative engagement with the written word – how well has he or she grasped and communicated?

The Technique mark reflects the students’ vocal and physical performance – how well does he or she use the voice and body to?

The Knowledge mark reflects the student’s:

The total marks then provide the overall grade:
Further information about LAMDA can be found on their website.

Exam Fees

Examination fees are charged per exam and set by the LAMDA exam board. All examination fees are charged in GBP Sterling and available from