Janine Stabler: The Origin Story of Musicians Ltd
Janine Stabler: The Origin Story of Musicians Ltd
Janine Stabler: The Origin Story of Musicians Ltd
Janine Stabler: The Origin Story of Musicians Ltd

In this Blog, we hear from Janine Stabler – the founder and director of Musicians Ltd, Cayman’s largest and oldest Music and Performing Arts School. Janine unfolds her own musical journey, unveiling the narrative behind the creation of Musicians Ltd.


From the UK to the Cayman Islands

Originally from Wales, Janine arrived in the Cayman Islands in 1998 with the initial purpose of being a classroom music teacher at a local Primary school.

Janine reflects, “After two years of teaching in Cayman, I welcomed the arrival of my first daughter and I knew I wanted her to experience the joy of learning to play an instrument, much like I did. In that moment, I saw a pressing need for high-quality private instrumental tuition on island.”

Recognizing the need for change, Janine was determined to make it happen.


Inaugurating Musicians Ltd in 2001

Music has always been a lifelong companion for Janine. Despite growing up in a non-musical family, her parents recognized the significance of a music education and allowed her to nurture her passion through weekly Piano and Violin lessons. This foundation ultimately led Janine to pursue music at university.

“In my personal journey, I experienced first-hand the transformative influence of music. Music not only aided me in my studies but also opened doors to perform in some of Britain’s most prestigious venues, including the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall”, Janine shares.

In 2001, Musicians Ltd was born. Initially offering strings and piano, the program took off quickly and the number of students studying an instrument has soared since those first lessons in 2001, establishing Musicians Ltd as the largest Instrumental & Performing Arts school in the Cayman Islands today.

“Those early days were filled with a lot of hard work and dedication. The response from the community was overwhelming, and it was clear that there was a hunger for artistic expression and excellence”, Janine comments.


22 Years of Evolution

Over the past 22 years, Musicians Ltd has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings. From strings and piano, Musicians Ltd now offers a diverse curriculum led by a team of exceptionally talented staff members. Ranging from vocal and instrumental music, acting and musical theatre to opera, spoken word and beyond – Musicians Ltd has become a haven for artistic exploration.

“We are truly fortunate to have a team that doesn’t just teach music; they live it. Their dedication goes far beyond reading notes from a sheet. It’s about instilling a love for creativity and nurturing the artist within each student,” Janine emphasizes.


The Legacy of Musicians Ltd

Musicians Ltd takes immense pride in their students, both present and past, and their team of skilled teachers are deeply passionate about their craft.

“Our journey has come full circle this year, with my eldest daughter taking on a role within Musicians Ltd. It’s a reminder that our commitment to music education spans generations,” Janine adds.

The legacy of Musicians Ltd is one of musical excellence, creative empowerment, and a thriving community united by a shared passion for the arts.

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